The Common Types Of Workwear


A workwear or uniform is clothing worn by individuals who belong to a particular company, agency, bureau, office or department. Most employers, especially big corporations, have set standards regarding corporate attire. In fact, they even designate specific days when corporate wears are to be put on by their employees. Often, employees are given uniform allowance so they can provide for themselves different sets of uniform. In schools, almost the same rules apply except that no clothing allowance is provided; the students themselves provide for their school attire expense.

Let us discuss the most common types of work wear.

  1. SCHOOL ATTIRE. In countries like Australia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Chine, United Kingdom, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, India, Philippines, and North Korea the wearing of appropriate school uniform is strictly imposed; this policy is observed both in the public institutions and private universities, including the city of Perth. In the USA or United Kingdom, for instance, students between 11 years old to 16 years old are required to put on a tie, trousers and a formal jacket for boys; and a tie, trousers, blouse and culottes or skirt for girls. Other schools require their learners to wear a jumper and polo shirt printed with the school’s name and logo.

  1. CORPORATE ATTIRE. Big corporation often provides for a particular corporate wear for their employees. Compared to other types of apparel, corporate attires are more formal, more elegant and more professional looking. For instance, bank employees usually put on their blazers and ties, while workers in retail stores merely wear casual shirts and jeans. Also, people in the corporate world look prominent in their bearing, especially those assigned to the executive branch or those employed at the management office.

  1. SPORTS ATTIRE. Most professional sports teams these days have distinct uniforms to create an identity for their group. For example, members of a basketball team wear a specially-designed jersey, with the player’s corresponding number at the back so they can be easily identified by their fans while playing over the court. The legendary Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls remains identifiable with number 23. Also, many sports teams are inclined to use a particular colour for a sports attire from

  1. ARMED FORCES AND SECURITY ATTIRE. Members of the armed forces, civil defence and national security department are often required to use some uniforms. They have mess dress for mess time and other official ceremonies, work attire for daily use, dress clothing for special occasions and other formal gatherings, and of course, battledress during official field engagement.

  1. INMATE ATTIRE. The most common colour for a prisoner’s attire is orange since it is very easy to notice. There are countries that require for the wearing of an inmate clothing with letter “P” imprinted on the back. The reason for this is to easily detect a prisoner who is evading sentence or is escaping from the detention facility.

Whether it a corporate clothing, school wear or sportswear, it must be worn appropriately. The wearer has to respect, in one way or the other, whatever clothing rules imposed by his or her principal or employer. Click here if you have questions.


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